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Our Story

LenderBidding’s co-founders, Jason & Oscar, started off as private mortgage lenders over a decade ago.

During this time, they saw the same story repeating itself over and over:

“Borrowers being taken advantage of and over-paying on their private mortgages.”

Why? Because the entire process is archaic & flawed. So they set about to build real change and created LenderBidding – a borrower-focused platform that solves this problem instantly.

Our Vision: Is Simple

Provide better pricing

Provide better pricing

Create 100% transparency

Create 100% transparency

Develop a better, streamlined process

Develop a better, streamlined process

So what do we do differently? Well, everything.

But first, we’ll share the specific issues a borrower encounters:

A broken system: How borrowers traditionally acquire a private mortgage

A borrower tries to find a mortgage agent & hopes they know a few private lenders.

Then keep their fingers crossed that they get a decent deal. Again and again we see borrowers not only overpay on high interest rates and lender fees, but they end up paying exorbitant fees to their agent/broker.

Borrowers are kept completely in the dark and almost always pay more than they need to.

Finally, a claim we heard so often:

Agents often say they have “access” to “many” lenders, and while this may be true, we can almost guarantee they don’t actually send it to most of them. Typically, a broker really only sends your deal to 2-3 lenders.


Because it would be too time consuming.

It’s almost impossible to stay up to date on each lender’s current offerings.

In truth, they may not actually know that many lenders.

Imagine your realtor didn’t list your house for sale on the MLS and instead only told 2-3 buyers about your property? Would you get the best deal? Of course not!

How it should work: Borrowers should dictate the terms.

Enter Lenderbidding — a customer-focused platform.

When it comes to private mortgages we believe that you, as the borrower, should have great options – and plenty of them. After all, you’re the one making the monthly payments. And while we’re at it, let’s make it fast, easy & super transparent. So let’s get you in the driver’s seat.

What LenderBidding does differently:

Minimize your commission fees

You should not pay hefty broker fees – plain and simple. Most mortgage agents are commission based and charge between 2% - 3%, sometimes more!

Our advisors are salaried and incentivized through customer satisfaction. This means you immediately receive unbiased advice AND keeping your best interests in mind. Therefore, our platform only charges a nominal 0.99% fee.

Lenders compete for your business

Our system is a silent auction. We currently have 45+ licensed lenders, requiring their best pricing, up front, without you having to negotiate with them.


Once all interested lenders have placed bids on your file, one of our advisors will present you with an easy to read, one page summary of all offers. This enables you to efficiently compare them simultaneously. No more hidden fees, no more surprises on closing day.

Is that all?

Of course not, we did say earlier that LenderBidding does everything differently. We’ve only listed some areas where we’ve improved the private mortgage process for borrower. Check out our “LB vs. The Others” comparison for a complete list of benefits that make LenderBidding the best possible experience for you.

Thank you

Needing a private mortgage can be stressful & overwhelming and we’re making that easier on you. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to be able to guide and assist you through this process. We’re confident that you’ll love our simple process and we look forward to helping.

Oscar & Jason,


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