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Need a private mortgage?

LenderBidding places your file in front of 45+ of the biggest Licensed Private Lenders in Canada.

They Bid to Win Your Deal. Secure Ultra-low Rates. And Save 2-3x on Broker Fees*

Experience LenderBidding’s Innovative Silent Auction Advantage.

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Why use LenderBidding?

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Lower fees

The avergage mortgage agent charges 2% - 3%, we only charge 0.99%

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Lower rates

45+ Lenders compete for your business – now YOU ARE IN CONTROL

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Let technology do the work

Our platform uses the latest AI and tech to create a stress-free experience

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Created to help

LenderBidding was created to ensure you are taking steps forward, not backwards

How do we charge

How do we charge so much less?

Time is valuable, and we respect your time as much as ours

Our entire process is 100% online with a personal touch. Our goal is to get your mortgage processed quickly and seamlessly. Gone are the coffee shop meetings, countless phone calls and meetings at your home or a broker’s office.

Commission Free Mortgage Professionals

Our salaried mortgage professionals care about closing deals, not about how much they are making per deal. This changes the way they help clients. Their focus is to make sure YOU are getting the best deal, not that they are making the highest commission.

How LenderBidding Works

We know private mortgages

We know private mortgages

Our founders were private lenders with decades of experience, exclusively funding private mortgages.

Our team of LenderBidding experts underwrite private deals all day.

It’s what we do, it’s what we know.

Us vs. Them


Lower Fees

0.99 %

Lower Rates

Lenders compete to provide best rates


Immediate access to 45+ lenders

Fast turnaround

Receive up to 10+ offers within 4-6 hours

The Others

Higher Fees

1.5 % - 3 %

Higher Rates

Typically 2- 3% higher

Most agents typically rely on 2-3 private lenders

(that often incentivize them)


Can take 2-3 days with limited offers



One single submission reaches all lenders

Reputable Lenders

Only licensed & vetted lenders


Fully disclosed terms upfront


Expert & experienced mortgage professionals

Regular Agent/Broker

Lengthy turnaround

Agent must submit individually to each lender

More Risk

Agent may use individual, questionable lenders


Often agents doesn't disclose full terms, penalties, etc.


Many agents often lack knowledge when re: privates mortgages



Direct access to lender - no co-brokers


Entire transaction done online

Reliable Commucation & Guidance

We supervise the entire transaction from start to finish

Low Legal Fees

Reasonable legal fees from our lenders

Regular Agent/Broker


Agents often rely on co-brokers, increasing fees


Long in-person or phone meetings

Agents can be hard to reach

and don't follow up with lawyers, etc.

Expensive Legal Fees

Expensive Legal Fees that are often only disclosed at the last minute

Have questions? We’re here to help

Call 1-800-985-9043 or email help@lenderbidding.com to connect with a LenderBidding Team Member Now

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